Sunday, September 30, 2018

You Had Me At CicLaVia

My cousin Lyn, my sister Nelyn & I
Ahhh, L.A., our old stomping grounds. We always wondered how our favorite city would look without the endless traffic snaking its way for miles. I actually didn't think it was possible to travel through L.A. without sitting in a car inching slowly to our destination. 

Today I finally knew what it felt like to cruise down Grand street in Downtown L.A. to Macarthur Park, Koreatown and finally to Hollywood near the iconic Capitol Records building without traffic congestion. My dude and I participated in our first CicLAvia event and we kick ourselves for not doing it sooner. 

My sister, bro-in-law and cousin have a few CicLAvias under their belts including a couple of Critical Mass events. I thought I had to be a hardcore cyclist to do these but my family scoffed. Although, after riding16 miles on my beach cruiser today I decided to finally listen to Ray and seriously save money for a road bike. 

Our meeting place in the morning was at the Grand Park Hub between the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA). Along the route from DTLA to Hollywood we were entertained by performers and musicians as well as numerous vendors. 

Ray, the mad inventor I call him, converted his beach cruiser to an e-bike while my sister rides an actual e-bike. I was the only one riding a beach cruiser and it was apparent within the first incline that I should be riding a road bike like the one my bro-in-law and cousin were cycling on. Had it not been for Ray who would grab my backpack, throttle his e-bike and push me up the inclines I wouldn't have made it. He said I was a trooper for riding the entire route (round trip) on my beach cruiser. 

Below are the photos I snapped on my phone and Sony A6500. I also shot a few with my film camera but that roll won't be developed for awhile. Of course, my pictures don't do CicLAvia justice. I dare you to go out and ride the next one! 
Taken by my dude early in the route

Thanks to the volunteers!
With my bro-in-law Stefano
We heart CicLAvia

These mandatory dismounts killed us
but we love all the volunteers!

When we knew the end of the route was near.
Hollywood sign was our beacon.

Ran into friends!

Silent dance partayyyyy

And here I was complaining about
MY bike!