Thursday, November 24, 2016

Love + Light On Thanksgiving

I've started a few blog posts in the past few months with much fervor but in light of recent world events my fervor waned. 

After the results on November 8, 2016 I admitted to everyone that this year finally broke me. 

2016 began with my dad hospitalized on New Year's Day. The ensuing months were a roller coaster of his sickness until he passed away in June.You'd think that would've broken me but my grief is still an ongoing process. 

In the midst of my dad's death and funeral arrangements we were planning my son's wedding. You'd think the stress would've broken me but I moved forward one day at a time with prayer, solitude, meditation, and stillness. 

And hello, Prince died this year. And Bowie. And Leonard Cohen. And Muhammad Ali. And Nancy Reagan. And Gwen Ifill. Did I say that Prince died?
I thought these deaths would've broken me but I let my grief expand. 

Stressors  in between these life events would've had the power to break me but I wouldn't allow it. Nope, not until a few weeks ago was I felled by the devastating shift that occurred in this nation. 

Don't worry, this blog post is not a political rant. While I'm not pushing positive vibes on anyone who legitimately feels destroyed by the path our country is on I'm taking the time to express the true gratitude I experience today. 

I'm not discounting what's happening in North Dakota with our people. Yes, the Native Americans protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline are our people. We are one. Nor am I discounting those who've been victims of systemic racism, or my brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community, or those who've been raped, groped, and molested. 

Avoiding the news on t.v. or not reading up on current events are not an option. Especially now. As stomach turning as the media can be we all have the responsibility to act on what matters. To do something for the greater good whatever that may be for you.

I say all this because all of the above weigh heavily on my heart and spirit. Today I reflect on what I can do in my realm to spread love and light where fear and hate reign. Since my emancipation from the cube farm my first waking thoughts encompass gratitude...well, with the exception of the week after November 8. 

There is no denying the blessings in my life from basic needs to health, to friends and family, to where I am at this moment. For the first time in six years I'm off this Friday and work stress is non-existent. That alone calls for a Hallelujah!

I'm thankful for learning how to flow with the lows along with the highs; for letting go of resistance and surrendering what I can't control. There is gratitude in the present moment and in the daily reminders that my power doesn't lie in anyone or anything outside of myself. 

I can't say I'm on the positive vibe tip yet but I can honestly say that making daily intentions to choose love over fear are the starting point to where I navigate life as we now know it.
On this Thanksgiving and every day for the next four years (and beyond) I wish you all love and light. May we not lose sight of what matters. Us.