Thursday, August 6, 2015

Faith Over Fear

I feel it. The urge, the push, the itch. Call it what you will but it's a holler for change. The kind of change that preempts complacency. 

My good friend sustains me with encouragement every day and sharing this video with me is one of her ways to keep both of us motivated. 

It starts with action. 
It begins with intent. 

I am ready for change. 

Faith over fear. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Mondays Don't Have To Be So Bad

My friend, Ed a.k.a. Rock da Mullet, posted this on his Instagram this morning. I was sluggish and defiant as per my usual Monday attitude. Prolonging the inevitable commute to work I scrolled through my Instagram feed, read this post, and my Monday-hatin'-a$$ was promptly realigned. 

There's this coworker at the cube farm I try to avoid daily especially on Mondays. You make the mistake of asking how she is and you receive a drawn-out sigh with how miserable Mondays are. How can you fight that toxicity? You can't. It taints your entire Monday that it saturates every day of the week. 

You think you have enough positive vibes to influence debbie downers of her ilk by encouraging her to view life differently. Instead you become just as negative and drama-filled as she is. I've learned my lesson. Stay far far away from that poison. 

So today I will focus on why I love Mondays. Because honestly I'm ready for a change and I can't make that happen if I'm surrounded by negative and toxic people. Life is too hard as it is. 

Positive affirmations for this week: 

1.  I am ready for change
2. I attract amazing people. 
3. I create my reality. 
4. I have what it takes to make positive changes in my life. 
5. I deserve the best that life offers. 

May your Monday be just as grand with new possibilities!