Friday, November 21, 2014

Day 5 | 12 Days of Gratitude

I have an addictive personality. Last year I stopped drinking alcohol every day limiting my drinks to "only on special occasions." I noticed middle age is unforgiving and won't let me eat whatever I want. My efforts in working out hard were sabotaged by my nightly wine glass or two or three. Add Blue Moon beer to the mix on weekends and forget it. I might as well have skipped the exercise regimen altogether.So I stopped buying bottles of wine and cases of Blue Moon. 

Then I tried Kombucha. 

What is Kombucha? I found this blog informative so you can click here if you're so inclined.

Before reading the label on GT's Kombucha I took a sip. I was done for. 

I felt A-L-I-V-E...and healthy. 

Thankful for what Kombucha does to my mind, body, and soul: 







                                reclaim                                                                    restart

Kombucha and Peanut B Acai Bowl from Birdie Juicery
The Oc Mix Mart