Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Set Free

Last Sunday at The Branch's service I sat in the back like I usually do during worship. I had my camera ready to photograph the baby dedication scheduled that day. 

When Marissa Engoy began singing the first line of Amazing Grace I almost buckled to the floor. It's a song that's more than special or symbolic for me. 

It's the anthem of my journey and a blatant reminder of how far I've come, the harsh lessons I've learned, and how amazing grace truly is. 

With my hands raised in the air and tears streaming down my face, flashes of the old me played against my closed lids. 

My chains are gone, I've been set free. 

Set free of drug addiction. 
Set free of people pleasing. 
Set free of self-involvement as a single mom when I should have been caring for my kids. 
Set free of an abusive marriage. 
Set free of my infidelity in both marriages. 
Set free of my deceit and manipulation. 
Set free of pursuing love outside of myself. 
Set free of ingesting the bitter pills of hatred and revenge. 
Set free of self-destruction. 
Set free of self-loathing. 
Set free of escaping reality through retail therapy. 
Set free of living lost and faithless. 
Set free of existing without passion or purpose.
Set free of not knowing the ONE who loves me. 

But God who called me here below, will be forever mine. 

Because of HIM, I've been set free.