Monday, May 19, 2014

Grateful Mondays

Gramma & Rylee. Chalk drawings
& glitter Toms shoes make time
stand still.
The power of gratitude is a heady thing. Activate it first thing in the morning and it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Write about what I'm grateful for first thing on Monday and it will set the tone for my week. 

For over a year I've practiced daily gratitude with intent. It was a conscious act of changing my thought patterns as it's my natural tendency to focus on critical and negative thoughts. I was tired of my toxic mind. 

Taking an example from Mindvalley's GratitudeLog I list the things I'm grateful for in my journal almost daily. I'm still reading Brene Brown's "The Gifts of Imperfection" and she wrote about her weekly gratitude blog posts which planted the seed for my own. 

I'm not a morning person, although, I've tried hard to change that. I'm grateful I got to work in one piece. Last week I thought my car (and myself) were done for. Only five minutes away from work and the cars in my lane abruptly stopped, forcing me to brake. It's disconcerting to see the grill of a Jeep Cherokee barreling toward me in the rearview mirror. I braced myself for impact when I heard the high pitch sound of screeching brakes but the guy behind me stopped in time. He wasn't so lucky as the car behind him rear-ended his Jeep and I got tapped. It could have been worse. 

Mondays at the cube farm---I'm grateful I have a job that pays my bills and allows me to do what I love on the weekends. I've come to accept that at my age the novelty of life as a starving artist would wear off in less than a day. 

I'm thankful for friends who send texts or e-mails on a weekly basis asking how I'm doing, what I've been up to, or if I'm okay. I encourage you to send someone special a simple text with the words, "Hi, how are you?" They're worth their weight in gold. 

So on this Monday morning take a moment to reflect on the things that make you say, "I'm grateful."