Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy International Women's Day

I woke up this morning feeling more empowered than usual despite going on two hours of sleep. It's the day I get to encourage, uplift, acknowledge, and honor women all over the world on International Women's Day. It's something I strive to do daily but today was packed with an extra dose of love. 

I think of the young women who are not free, entrenched in oppression, poverty, and abuse. For them, I pray for a way out, a solution, an escape toward a life of recovery and healing. 

And for you, my friends, love and bless yourself with grace, light, and abundance. 

Every day is a gift. 
Happy International Women's Day! 
I posted this photo on Instagram encouraging women
to: know your worth, not from outside affirmations but
from the inner confidence of knowing you were
born for a higher calling. Discover your purpose,
own it, and LIVE it. 

I was patiently waiting for the weather to warm up so I can wear my
Passport2Freedom favela tank top. How awesome
that I got to wear it on International Women's Day.
I met them at the Justice Conference a few weeks ago
and loved their apparel. 100% of their proceeds
goes to help victims of human trafficking and the favela slums.