Saturday, December 28, 2013

Books Are My Crack

I probably shouldn't use the hashtag "booksaremycrack" because I've never been a crack whore. (<---THAT was a joke, people.) 

I mean, yes, I've been addicted to ecstasy and mushrooms in the past but saying "books are my ecstasy" implies a sexual innuendo while "books are my mushroom" doesn't impart the intensity of my abject addiction to books.

How else can I convey my gluttony and ravenous hunger for books in all shapes, sizes, and forms? 

My friends constantly contemplate the cool factor of time travel but I couldn't imagine living in the 1600s reading books by candlelight. With today's technology my gluttonous self gorges on three books simultaneously: Jesus Feminist on my Nook app, Love Does on my Kindle app, and 12 Years of Slave in book form. I'll read a few chapters from each in one sitting. (Tell me I don't need intervention.) 

When Jon Acuff's Empty Shelf Challenge popped up on my Facebook feed I was immediately captivated. Last week, I was disappointed to find out I read only 27 books according to my Goodreads Year In Books. I could have sworn I read more so I'm rising up to Jon's challenge in 2014. 

How many of my fellow bibliophiles will join me?