Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Family Affair At The OC Lymphomathon 5K Walk

Left to right: Sally (my mom), Mama Fe, Chloe,
Tristan, Becca, Me
Bottom: Mariclle and Rylee
Now that my kids are adults living their own lives it's been difficult to get our family together. 

Last Saturday my daughter, Chloe, managed to get all of us together at the OC Lymphomathon 5K Walk which is no easy feat. She organized our team that consisted of my three kids, my granddaughter, both of my kids' grandmothers, and my son's girlfriend, Becca. 

My kids' and Becca's grandfathers were victims of Lymphoma, the dreaded cancer that attacks lymphocytes, and we honored both of them on this walk.

I've always desired that my kids looked beyond their own world to be a part of something bigger than themselves. For someone like me it warmed my activist's heart when Chloe took the initiative to sign up for this event. 

The 5k walk is organized by the Lymphoma Research Foundation to raise money for research and a cure. Before the walk we listened to a survivor's story of her own battle and subsequent remission which gave meaning to the work I do every day. 

In my day job I review high cost chemotherapy regimens for cancer patients and one of the drugs the survivor spoke of was Rituxan. Because of her treatment she was able to go into remission. 

I've read the many comments on LRF's facebook page from people (including survivors) expressing gratitude for their work and the people who volunteer to raise awareness. I"m glad we were part of this event not only to honor the grandfathers, Eusebio Flores and Tim DeFiesta, but to help raise money for the research. 

My kids and I might not be together again until the holidays but I'm grateful we joined together as a family for such a cause as this. 

My kids: Maricelle, Chloe, Tristan, my granddaughter, Rylee
and Becca