Friday, March 1, 2013


I've completed 7 out of 9 classes in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and I feel like I've completed therapy at a boot camp for troubled kids! Except I volunteered to get my butt kicked to straighten my mess out. 

Each class session educates and enlightens me on financial matters but I walk out drowning in shame for handling my finances with carelessness. I'll be writing more blog posts on what I've learned from this invaluable course but today I want to talk about the power of saying NO. Why has it taken me 40+ years to learn this magic word? 


  • prevents you from being stuck in a mire of debilitating debt.
  • empowers you by taking control of your finances. 
  • saves you from making impulsive purchases which will later cause regret. 
  • won't make you popular amongst friends but will reveal who your true friends are. 
  • squelches justifications for buying new camera gear which sounded good at the time.
  • keeps you away from group gatherings where you budget for you order but end up paying more because someone skimped on the bill. C'mon can I get an amen?
  • breaks you free from expectations imposed by others. 
  • teaches your grandchild that Grandma means business about budgeting, saving money, and imparting the knowledge to the next generation.  
  • stops you from being a victim. 
  • frees you from the tormenting confines of gaining approval from others. 
  • inhibits your irrational need for shopping therapy with girlfriends. 
  • encourages you to dream beyond our human limitations. 
  • releases you from mental slavery. 
  • tells Fear to leave you the F alone! 
  • provides an escape route from credit card hell. 
  • helps you focus on making wise choices instead of making excuses. 
  • allows you to live with purpose and passion doing things you love to do. 
The myriad powers of NO are the stepping stones to MY secure, healthy, and peaceful future. It won't happen overnight but with diligence I can finally live the life I was meant to live--debt free!