Thursday, January 24, 2013


Last Friday night Rylee found me sitting on the floor of my room surrounded by the paraphernalia that makes a 5 year old child shoot through the roof with glee: pieces of cardboard, glue sticks, tape, and black Sharpie markers. 

Oooh, what are you doing Gramma? 

I waited a full minute before responding. How do I explain to a little girl whose never known oppression, abuse, or fear that Gramma is making signs for the LA Freedom Walk to raise awareness of the injustice of human trafficking? 

I'm making signs to get people to help kids who are hurt by bad people. 

With a slight nod of understanding and no questions asked my granddaughter sat down beside me to help make the signs for the walk I was participating in the next day. Her eagerness to help acted like a can of Red Bull to my flagging energy. But such is the work of the modern day abolitionist. We get up and do it. Forget the long day I had at work and the fact that I procrastinated to make the signs. The stories and images of every victim of human trafficking are the elements that fuel my fight for justice. 

On Saturday, January 19, in honor of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, non-profit organization Slavery No More organized LA Freedom Walk where over 200 participants walked "in unity to abolish 21st century slavery and human trafficking." I represented My Refuge House, who has partnered with Slavery No More, and was given the responsibility of taking photos for the event. Out of the 200+ walkers two of them were my daughter and granddaughter. 

I was born for such a time as this. 

To live my legacy so that my granddaughter can continue the fight I began in my lifetime. I'd like her to have a global perspective with an awareness for those less fortunate. Oh, how proudly she carried her sign on the streets of Hollywood! I doubt she fully comprehended the meaning of the sign she carried or the impact she had on people. But she was surrounded by world changers who took action and chose to do something instead of nothing. 

To learn more on how to become an abolitionist please visit: 

To view more photos of LA Freedom Walk please visit the My Refuge House Facebook Page

Gramma and Rylee, my little justice warrior