Friday, December 7, 2012


A week ago I woke up to the rain's angry knocking on my window. Dismayed at its presence I vowed it wouldn't dilute my excitement for the OC Electric Run 5K later that evening. It rained all day but finally stopped an hour before I left for Orange County. With high spirits I ignored the cloud-filled skies and remained optimistic when I drove into the OC Fairgrounds parking lot. 

Although I was disappointed with the course, decorations, and entertainment I had an exceptional time running at night with friends I hadn't seen in years. I wasn't concerned about running the race since my regular runs consist of 3 miles. What I didn't expect were the obstacles of deep puddles we avoided and the stretch of mud we slid/slipped/ran through.  

I was able to keep pace with my friend, Janice, and successfully avoided a face plant in the mud, sprained ankles, and bad falls. And just like the race we call Life it's always a blessing to be surrounded by good friends as we propel forward in our journey despite obstacles, setbacks, bad weather, disappointments, and unmet expectations.