Saturday, October 20, 2012


Dear Chloe, 

Your birthdays come around too fast for my liking. It seems as if I just finished writing your last birthday blog post yesterday! Yes, you're an "adult" but I'm still trying to accept that I'm a mom of adult kids. 

I'm glad I was able to spend more quality time with you this past year even though your nose was glued to your phone. I want to thank you for bailing me out when I was in a financial bind and treating me out to dinner when I was stuck at  home. 

I've said this before, I'll say it again, and I know I don't say it enough: I'm proud of you. I also know that you believe being the middle child is the worse spot to be in the birth hierarchy. I beg to differ. Trust me when I say life wouldn't be the same without your personality creating perfect balance on the birth scale. 

You're doing your best with being the little munchkin's mommy who has you on a pretty glorious pedestal. I always say that humility b*tch slaps me daily in the form of a four-year-old. I think my face will permanently have the deer-in-the-headlights expression because of Rylee. A mom's laborious love is a bottomless well of unconditional terms. Our children will always want more of what we believe is freely and abundantly given. One day Rylee will understand your heart. 

I hope your twenty-fourth year will be better than the last. I don't have to tell you to have fun because you seem to have a year round Chloepalooza celebrating your life. Well played, child, well played. As long as you put your mommy duties above all else it's always good to celebrate who you are. 

For your 24th year these are my birthday wishes for you: 

  • I wish for the work of your hands to prosper. 
  • I wish for your heart to learn to let go and forgive. 
  • I wish for your health and healing to your young body. (And girl, let me tell ya, keep this up and you won't regret it in your 40s.) 
  • I wish for your mind to always be shrewd & intelligent so that your choices will reap beneficial consequences. 
  • I wish for your faith to be renewed and restored. 
  • I wish for your strength to come from knowing you don't have to be right all the time or fight every battle. Dignity begets strength. 
  • I wish for your soul to open up to true love. The kind of love that isn't rushed and one that accepts you, supports you, and encourages you. 
  • I wish for you to believe in yourself; wholly and completely. 
And these are Rylee's wishes for her mommy: 
  • I wish that she would always protect me from monsters from my dream and I love when she does and I'm not scared anymore when she does that. 
  • I wish that her birthday was so good and my birthday was so good and I will not cry. 
  • I wish that I don't have any dreams anymore when I'm big and small. 
  • I wish that she would always make a great wish because I like great wishes for my mommy and I love birthday cakes that are chocolate with a mermaid on it. 
  • I wish for my mommy to get a red laptop for her birthday and heart cookies. 

Happy Birthday, Chloe! 
Make each day count! 


Mom and Rylee

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