Monday, September 24, 2012


Rylee & I during our visit to the Cerritos Library
It's easy to lose myself in the mind-numbing drudgery of a Monday morning. It's become second nature to slip into my zombie-like state wasting commuting time as I drive to a job that merely serves to "pay the bills." Although I'm grateful, I walk into my job resembling the undead. Void of emotion, passion, excitement, motivation, and energy, I question my purpose in the grand scheme of Life.

What is it about Monday mornings that make me feel insignificant?

Scrolling through the camera roll on my phone my heart constricted at the picture of Rylee and me. It wasn't the answer I was searching for but an answer nonetheless. 

Part of my legacy is the gift of literacy I leave behind for my grandchildren. When Rylee whines and begs me to take her out of the house I drive straight to the Cerritos Library. My deepest hope is to plant the seeds of a bibliophile into the fertile soil of Rylee's pliant heart. Diligent watering of this gift is significant and meaningful. 

These pictures are what's sustaining me on this Monday morning. Happy and blessed Monday to all of you! Remember, everything you do matters.