Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My posture this past week has been one of frustration, despondency, and pull-my-hair-out-in-chunks. I didn't have the funds to renew my Google storage plan which resulted in over 975 photos disappearing from both my blogs. 

I've spent the last 2 days scouring my external hard drives for 4 years worth of photos to re-upload onto my blogs. I thought no one cared but a nice Google+ friend of mine was thoughtful enough to inform me that my past blog posts have black squares with exclamation points in place of my photos.

Thus, I've learned the hard lessons of 1) renewing Google storage in a timely fashion, or 2) Don't upload your photos directly to your blog posts. Instead, I now upload to Photobucket (which is free), copy the HTML link and paste it within my blog post. My photos actually look sharper when I do this.

One thing I AM grateful for is my organizational skills. I was able to find most of my photos in the folders I created on my external hard drive.  Whew! But having AT&T's slow internet at home is another matter. Let's just say I will be making the Cerritos Library my home to use their Wi-fi. Good time ahead, people, good times!