Monday, August 27, 2012


Photo taken and edited by Ray Belling
My new mantra: 
Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. 

I saw those words on Purpose Fairy's Facebook Page and immediately claimed them. Since the beginning of the year I've done my best to change the direction of my wayward thoughts towards positivity. My progress resembles a derailed speeding train.

I've noticed my casual use of the word "hate". The other night I was hanging out with my street photographer friends when one of them shared how he just quit his day job and will be traveling all over Asia for a month! The stream of jealousy rose up from my gut and the words "What?! Ohmigawd I HATE you!" expelled from my lips. I just met the poor guy that night and felt obligated to add, "I meant that with a lot of love." Everyone laughed and blew me off which meant they didn't take me seriously. But still...
If my thought patterns were x-rayed the film would reveal hate tumors littering my mind. 

"I hate my job. I hate people who don't value my time. I hate stupid drivers. I hate reality t.v. shows. I hate celebrities. I hate my pain. I hate my dumb relatives. I hate traffc. I hate snarky people on the internet. I hate know-it-alls. I hate people who give unsolicited advice. I hate weird people. I hate the Kardashians. I hate stupid people. I hate demanding clients. I hate indecisive people. I hate superficial people." 

Nannette, party of hate. Nannette, party of hate. I also noticed my thoughts dwelt on my loved ones and what I hated about THEM!


Controlling, disciplining, and redirecting my thought patterns is no easy feat but determination is the first step. When I catch myself thinking "I hate..." I don't waste time in pulling the emergency brakes on my runaway train of thought. I change my thought to "I love my job because..." 

Life is fleeting. Why waste it on a useless emotion that has the power to destroy from the inside out? I don't want to grow old looking like Elphaba in Wicked. Do you?