Monday, July 30, 2012


I'm having one of those surreal moments I've written about in previous blog posts. The kind that visits a parent when their child reaches a milestone and the reality is difficult to comprehend. My youngest child and only son, Tristan, turns 21 today. 

In the past year, I've watched him grow into a mature adult and our bond has strengthened through our shared faith. When he was a baby and toddler I desperately wrestled with Time to halt its speedy trail. I longed to indelibly etch each minute I had with him into my memory because I knew (without a doubt) he would be my last child. After dropping his older sisters off at Kindergarten Tristan and I would walk home, hand in hand, while I secretly wished he wouldn't grow so fast. Before I knew it he didn't need to hold my hand anymore and I found myself disconnected from a sullen teenage son. I spent many days in hopeless despair wondering if he and I would return to a place of safety and comfort. 

I was relentless in my prayers for Tristan. Last year, he decided to accompany me to bible study and through those weekly meetings our relationship flourished. I quietly observed as he cultivated his faith and intimacy with God, thankful he was sitting next to me in church. When he confided in me I felt like raising my hands in the air and yelling a victory chant because I knew we finally returned to the land of trust, safety, and comfort. 

My birthday wishes for my son:

  • To continue being the respectable man you've become. One who respects women and doesn't objectify them.
  • For wisdom in making the right choices in your life creating confidence in yourself. 
  • For your dreams/goals to crystallize into concrete form so you can make them happen. 
  • To fervently pursue the heart of God in order to grow into the man you're destined to be. 
Happy 21st birthday, Tristan. 

Love, Mom
This picture of Tristan and I is in my planner and with me every day