Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Those who are closest to me know how much I detest the "b" word and all the festivities surrounding it. You know, the word that comes once a year heralding another year of maturity, or growth, or acceleration. The "b" word that welcomes cake, ice cream, streamers, balloons, and euwww, just the thought of it makes me gag. This year I made a vow to embrace it but I sure as heck wasn't going to use the "b" word. So I conjured what I thought was my own term but was told  otherwise. I wasn't as OG as I believed to be. Apparently, the term "Life Celebration" has been used in relation to eulogies, which actually made me clap my hands in glee. A few years ago, after a slew of consecutive funerals, I decided to write birthday blog entries for my kids. Why do people wait until someone's death to impart uplifting words of love, affection, and celebration of life? We should write living eulogies when they actually have the most impact. 

But this entry isn't a living eulogy to myself. Nor is it a pseudo-Yelp review of Hotel Current. It's about how I chose to celebrate MY life (and another year to wreak havoc on this Earth) in the way that makes ME happy, instead of being a victim of my circumstances. I could have chosen to invite a group of friends to celebrate my life at the lounge where my boyfriend deejays on Saturday nights. But that is SO. NOT. ME. This year, instead of acting like the recalcitrant child at her dentist appointment I decided to give MYSELF a gift: the gift of solitude. 

I booked a room for one night at Hotel Current in Long Beach and gave myself a birthday retreat where I can escape (for one day) from being pulled in various opposing directions. Thank God for Yelp because I was discouraged at the prices for hotels. I will sound like an old biddy but since when did the price of decent hotel rooms begin to resemble a car payment?! Hotel Current  in Long Beach fit my very tight budget. The Yelp reviews vacillated between very good to mediocre but it was obvious the reviews were contingent on preference. I just needed a haven that was clean, decent, and affordable and that is exactly what Hotel Current provided. 

I don't have my own place so the decor and furniture in my room at Hotel Current delighted me. It was a hip looking room that made me feel I was house-sitting a friend's humble abode instead of  staying at a renovated motel. I crossed the threshold of my room armed with the bare necessities of a retreat: bottle of Malbec, Caesar Salad, fruit cup, chocolate, water, a book, a journal, my laptop, and two mind-numbing movies. I ate when I wanted, drank as much wine as I wanted, gobbled all the chocolate I wanted, watched a corny movie because I could, and read my book in both beds without interruptions or distractions! It was a slice of decadent heaven for one night! I checked in early and didn't leave until the next day. My solitude was sublime. There was no one requesting something from me or expecting me to do something. The next day I felt recharged and wished I could have prolonged my retreat. But it's okay, I'll take what I can get. THIS was a life celebration and I deserved it! 

Loved the beds and pillows. I never had 2 beds to myself! 
Hip vanity and sink
I've never seen this type of open faucet. 
Why did the shampoo and body wash dispensers cause giddiness?