Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Photo taken by my 4-year-old granddaughter, Rylee. Don't you love how the fish is eating my head?

My little sister recently welcomed a momentous milestone and I told her the best years have arrived! She seemed dubious and skeptical. I decided convincing her was futile and she would discover the truth as time passed. I love being in my 40s and so far they truly are the best years. I tried to explain it to my sister but she's the type who comprehends through experience. Last week was my 44th Life Celebration and I feel like a hippie chick gettin' groovy at Woodstock. 

Why my 40s are THE BEST years: 

  • The wisdom I've acquired! I wouldn't trade it for gold; not even for the new Canon 5D MKIII camera body. What I know now compared to the ignorance I flaunted as knowledge in my 20s is priceless.
  • The once shaky confidence I've rebuilt through the years has solidified into dense concrete. I am woman, hear me roar and purr! Sure, I still have insecurities but they're few and far between. And when they try to slither into my presence like nasty rattlesnakes I quickly stomp on their heads. Life is fleeting to let insecurities stop you from living. 
  • Becoming BFFs with my body! If I could high 5 every body part of mine I would! In my 40s I've embraced every stretch mark, wrinkle, gray hair, sagging skin, aches, pain, and roll of skin. I'm okay with my not so curvy and boyish frame. I've stopped waiting for my pre-pubescent chest to mature. I don't HAVE to listen to the person who "kindly suggested" that I try Botox injections on my forehead to eradicate the grooves. Those grooves are marks of deep thinkers. 
  • I don't have to apologize for my unconventional choices that seem to make some friends uncomfortable to the point that they feel the need to "fix" me. I always know when my friends' marriages are looking like they're livin' in the gangsta's paradise when they start hounding ME about marriage. I don't pry in my friends' personal lives or inquire about the state of their relationship. I'm happy and content with mine and have no time to focus on the issues of others. Yet, my 'well-meaning" friends are unable to reciprocate the respect for privacy. But it's okay, that's the beauty of being in my 40s. I understand that unhappy people need to project.
  • The acute self-awareness that comes with age. I've become hyper-aware of my faults, flaws, quirks, and idiosyncrasies. Some I know will stay and others I am in the process of tweaking and/or banishing to the depths of Hades. It's not attractive for a woman in her 40s to wear a necklace made out of negative, bitter, vengeful, and angry beads.
  • The courage to relentlessly, diligently, and tenaciously make my dreams become a daily reality amidst the mundane. Fear and doubt could sometimes grab a stronghold but their grip is brief. In my 40s I don't self-flagellate with comparing myself to others. 
  • Being a mom and a grandma. I know it's not the norm to be both in your 40s but these roles have shaped me into the woman I am today. It helps me appreciate life in its abundance. 
  • The gratefulness and acknowledgment of Life's blessings: God, family, and friends. 
I can't fit into one blog entry the surplus of reasons why my fourth decade in life is the best so I'll continue to write about them in the years to come. It will make life that much sweeter.