Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Integrity. What's happened to it? Does anyone even know what the definition is and how to apply the words to their actions? 

Integrity --->>>The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles<<<---

Why is that so difficult? 

Last December I asked myself these questions after experiencing a disappointing encounter with someone I believed exemplified the meaning of integrity. This person befriended my family at a time when hopelessness dwelt in our hearts. We didn't question this person's intentions or integrity because of how we met. I will call this person Decepta. 

Decepta seemed like a decent human being with a big heart for loving people. Decepta also loved Jesus. I thought Decepta was an answer to my prayer for an older mentor who would help me in my spiritual walk. I was excited! My family opened their home to Decepta and was introduced to our huge clan during a holiday party. My aunts commented on how nice Decepta was and how fortunate we were to have met such a person of integrity. One week before Christimas, Decepta invited us to her humble abode for dinner. Again, her motives weren't questioned by anyone and we genuinely believed that we found a true friend in this person. 

I should have seen it coming, though. The meticulous way everything was planned and manipulated should have alerted me. But my desires for a mentor drew a curtain over my eyes. After dinner Decepta unfurled her sweet facade like one of Megatron's little minions and revealed her true incarnation. Decepta had a business venture to present to us-a business venture that surprisingly mimicked a pyramid. No amount of fancy words or shucking and jiving could disguise the shape of a pyramid.

And there it was. The ugly truth. My family was only a means to Decepta's ambition to promote her business. Decepta even had the audacity to suggest that we would be successful in this business venture because of how large our family was. Which meant she didn't view us as people, we were merely walking $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I silently shook during the half hour I sat on Decepta's couch watching the DVD presentation. I had my mom and granddaughter with me and causing a scene would have been disastrous.

Had Decepta been straightforward with us and presented the business venture without false pretenses her credibility would have remained intact. I'm sure she is still a nice human being who is capable of loving others. But her actions that preceded the presentation of her business were misleading and disingenuous. Nothing Decepta says or does will convince me otherwise. 

My family convinced me to handle this situation in a mature manner and I did. I told her NO, not interested instead of HELLLL TO THE NOOOOO! But I AM grateful she passed through our lives albeit briefly because as a business person I have an example of how NOT to be. As I conduct my photography business I will ensure that my actions AND words are backed up with integrity while I approach people with honesty.