Saturday, January 28, 2012


This past week was challenging on ALL fronts: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Hope was as elusive as the sun on a cloudy day, Joy was playing hide-and-seek, and Happiness was missing in action. You know who was around to play? Despair wanted to play tag, Depression waged a tug-of-war competition, and Despondency was a dodge ball expert. Although I tried my best to win against these masterful opponents I got a shameful beat down! This entry almost didn't get written and I was contemplating on giving up on these installments. I wore my WUSSY jersey with pride and allowed myself a few breakdowns while wallowing in the pool of Oh-Woe-Is-Me. 

"Oh, who cares about these stupid blessings anyway?" 
"No one reads my dumb blog so I could skip a week, or two, or forever." 
"Life sucks and then you die." 
"I like being negative, I was born negative.Word." 
"People are dumb and I hate them." 
"Ooh, look another gray hair, see, I'm an old hag, no one cares." 
"No one really listens to me anyway. Every time I open my mouth I get interrupted." 

But I wasn't focusing on blessings and changing my character for anyone but me. I wanted to change and I was sick of being me. Since when have I given up so easily? So I did what I've always done in the face of adversity. I picked myself up in my bruised and battered state to fight back. And there they were, the blessings that surrounded me but I was too blind to see. They appeared in the form of my girlfriends, nature's beauty, Twitter people, and my granddaughter, Rylee. Oh, I know there are infinitely more blessings than what I've listed but for the sake of time and short attention spans I'm limiting my scavenger hunt discoveries to these: 

I <3 shiny disco balls and I was grateful for it last Saturday night when Ray and I were at the Grandstar Jazz Club in Chinatown, L.A. Just put those things above me and I won't refuse to dance, dance, da-a-a-a-a-n-c-e.

Thank goodness for my favorite leopard print umbrella that made my Monday morning walk to work a fun one! I felt like I was in a musical and almost busted out a dance move while the rain fell on the sidewalk.

I almost missed the beauty of this plant or flower but red is my favorite color and I zeroed in on it. I was on one of my step-away-from-your-cubicle-and-calm-yourself walks and I was so grateful for this splash of color.
How appreciative I am of my friend, Lina, who is always so patient and tolerant with the unpredictability of my life. We were supposed to have a brainstorming session for writing and photography projects at Barnes and Noble but we had a surprise guest...Rylee. What I WAS NOT grateful for were the Barnes and Noble staff who kicked us out of our little corner then continued to give us the stink eye wherever we parked ourselves. We felt so monitored that we left for Starbucks. Thank God for Starbucks with comfortable chairs!
I'm back on Twitter and ONLY following people who will enhance and nurture my brain cells. Thank you, LINA BEAN, for recommending Jeff Goins and Jon Acuff to me for they have been awesome resources for writing, blogging, and hilarity! And to the rest of the followers I have thank you for making my comeback to Twitter a great experience! 
Yesterday I received an e-mail from my friend Courtney who saw this on Pinterest and thought of me. Her timing was precise because I was sitting at my desk thinking venomous thoughts of someone. Thank you, Courtney, for not only sending this to me but for your sage advice: Be kind to yourself. (I'm trying, girl, I'm trying!)

So this week if those bullies-Despair, Depression, and Despondency-want to play mind games with you just remember to enlist Team Blessings to be your back-up. You will stand victorious in the bully beat down of the week! I will leave you with this video of my granddaughter, Rylee, whose singing made me laugh in the face of adversity!