Saturday, January 7, 2012


I've decided to post an entry at the end of each week to list the things I was grateful for during the week. It is part of my conviction to change in 2012 by being happy because I am thankful.  For some being happy and thankful is as easy as instant oatmeal. For someone like me who suffers from severe depression and is naturally negative being happy is an uphill battle. I say "naturally negative" because I was brought up in a family who didn't believe in positive reinforcement or outward expressions of love. But I DON'T have to be that way. I CAN reprogram my mindset. I DON'T have to ruminate on what I DON'T have and wait for happiness to grace me with her presence. Since January 1, 2012 I have conducted a daily scavenger hunt for blessings and it has completely realigned my mindset and heart. 

This week's scavenger hunt turned up the following blessings and I am incredibly grateful for: 

  • Living in a time such as this. My cousins spent three weeks in the Philippines and on his layover home he sent me this photo of Tagaytay. I am grateful for technology that allows me to appreciate the beauty in this photo. In the background is Taal volcano. 

  • This book! I want to publicly thank Stefano and my sister for this wonderful gift! The best gifts I receive always come with a spine, pages, and words. Buying books was eliminated from my budget and I have greedily checked them out at the library but THIS is MY treasure. I'm savoring every page, every word, every morsel of Steve Jobs. 

  • My casual Friday shoes that make the dreariest of corporate cubicles bearable. I posted this photo on Instagram and wrote that caption. It's been over a year since I wore these shoes and recently found them. Another treasure. I mean, c'mon, can you blame me? Look at that hideous office carpet! 

  • My girlfriends, Christi and Nary, who had to accommodate my broke A$$ and change our Sunday brunch venue from Orange Hill Restaurant to umm...a bagel place. Yes, a bagel place. They're depriving themselves of scrumptious all-you-can-eat food so WE can all see each other. I'm also giving my girlfriend, Jessica, a shout-out for completely understanding when my debit card got declined while I was buying her breakfast. Oh, and my son Tristan who lent me gas money to tide me over until payday. My financial mess HAS to change. So I guess I'm thankful for declined debit cards to show me I need to be diligent in managing my finances.  *sigh*
  • My family and Ray who pitched in so that my daughter, Maricelle, was able to reach her fundraiser goal. She is now sitting on a plane flying to Panama on a medical missions trip as I write this. Oh, how I envy her! 

  • My Ray, who sent me this awesome video to help me sleep! He really is the Sam Gamgee to my Frodo. LOL!  Ray instructed me to listen to the words very carefully and I was blown away! Another priceless treasure!

Stay tuned for next week's scavenger hunt treasures...
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