Thursday, January 5, 2012


I posted this photo on Instagram today and wrote: When you find true joy in HIM people will try to take it away from you. Don't allow it. Life is too valuable to function in someone else's dysfunction. Be the wind to change the course of your direction and let HIM guide you. 

I have made a gargantuan effort to CHANGE my ways in the new year and to adhere to the resolutions I've made. Within the first hour of 2012 I wished a happy 2012 to the amazing and inspirational photographers I've connected with on Google+.  A man by the name of Shayne Cuffy commented with "No, thank you +Nannette Ricaforte make sure whatever defines 2012 as being amazing for you is not based on other people, it needs to be based on your decision, this year must be on your terms. If you want more you need to be more."

Since then his words have hovered within the periphery of my consciousness because the truth cannot be denied. Last year, I allowed others to define my life-my parents, my boyfriend, my kids, my job, my finances, etc. I was operating on a victim mindset without realizing it. "I'm broke therefore I can't have fun." "My dad's sick therefore I can't live my own life." "I'm miserable at my job therefore I can't be happy." "My kids need this or that so forget about my needs." And through it all I lost connection with the ONE source, the only source, of my pure joy. My faith wavered like a flickering candle sitting on a drafty window sill because I allowed others to infiltrate the sacred and holy place inside me. The place that only Jesus can fill. 

The people surrounding my life haven't changed. My parents still depend on me to be around for them, my kids still need me, I'm still helping with my granddaughter, and I'm still on a tight budget. But instead of being the perennial victim of my circumstances I am living like a victor. This year will not always be perfect and it will have its low moments but the way I react to these circumstances will define how amazing this year will be. I AM owning 2012 with its challenges and growth. 

I know I'm off to a great start and hope you are, too!