Friday, December 30, 2011

Rylee Speak | Part 1


I've kept a journal for Rylee ever since she was born and it's where I write the things she's done, her progress, how she makes me laugh, what I've learned from her, etc. I plan on giving it to her on her 16th birthday but the journal is never accessible when I need it and time robs me of completing a journal entry. So I have decided to document the things that come out of her mouth on my blog to preserve her innocence forever. I, of all people, know too well how quickly those teenage years taint the purity of childhood and with Rylee I try to savor every moment of being a grandmother.

Yesterday she accompanied me to my doctor appointment because we lacked babysitters. Before we left for my doctor appointment we had a conversation.

 Rylee: I will call Mama "grandma" because she's a grandma.
Me: Right, but she's not YOUR grandma, I'm your grandma. She's your great-grandma.
Rylee: (indignant) I know that but she's an old lady so she's a grandma!
Me: But I'm an old lady too.
Rylee: (exasperated and rolling her eyes) You're not an old lady! Mama's an old lady. You're a real lady! You're not pickly! (giggles)

On the drive to my appointment I made her promise to keep quiet when we were in the room and not to interrupt my doctor, run around, or speak loudly. Things were going smoothly. She was whispering when she spoke and sat patiently. But I knew it was going to be short-lived.

Dr. P: So what's up with your shoulder, why the pain? Did you lift something very heavy that you weren't supposed to?
Me: (shaking my head) Ummm...nooooo. Nope.
Rylee: (whispering loudly) Uhhh-huuhhh Gramma Nette, remember when you were carrying me and you fell and we were at Papa Romie's house and you were wearing your high heels?!
Me: (Bug-eyed) (Gritting my teeth) Shhh!
Dr. P: (smiling knowingly)

After my doctor appointment she was in her carseat talking a mile a minute. She proceeded to tell me what she wanted for her birthday.

 Rylee: I want Miracle Socks for my birthday, Gramma.
Me: Huh?! Miracle Socks? What's that?
Rylee: (Caressing her legs) They're socks that massage my feet. I want them.
Me: (dumbfounded)