Sunday, November 6, 2011


I wasn't going to let something so banal as a rainstorm deter me from fully enjoying my Sunday. I was going to troll the streets of L.A. alone even if thunder and lightning crashed overhead. Fortunately for me my sister, daughter, and granddaughter are afflicted with the adventure bug so off we went to the City of Lost Angels unencumbered by bad mojo, time constraints, and umbrellas. Destination? Ummm...somewhere in L.A. My sister suggested a tea room and Yelp gave me The Chado Tea Room which was ironic because I've driven past it the last 2 weekends. So there was our starting point and our day unfolded pleasantly, seamlessly, and positively. No hating on people, no anger toward anyone, no stress about the time. 

Which was actually good for me because I got us lost, as usual, and we ended up in what my sister called "the ghetto" which I begged to differ. But they promptly kicked me out of the driver's seat and banished me to the back. I didn't know the Chado Tea Room required reservations so after putting our name down on the list we headed across the street to Little Tokyo to kill time. Rylee was ecstatic to be with her mommy and surrounded by Hello Kitty paraphernalia. I was double-fisting it with my iPhone in the left hand and the Canon on the right taking photos of anything, everything, and my offspring. I love watching them fall in love with L.A. and we were shocked to discover the hidden gems Little Tokyo offered. 

I was going to leave them in Little Tokyo and walk to Occupy L.A. which was only a few blocks away but my sister was down to broaden her horizons. You gotta love my sis. A few weeks ago she sent me a text: BTW, who is Gaddafi? So I knew she had absolutely NO idea what Occupy L.A. entailed. In our family, I'm the "activist" and advocate for social justice. Over the years I've somehow corralled my sister into joining me in my "demonstrations" and a few years ago she participated in The Freeze Project at Hollywood/Highland. Even if she didn't fully comprehend the cause she was fighting for she came to support me.Today was no different. 

I was able to take photos to my heart's content while walking in the midst of Occupy L.A. I was proud of Chloe for making the decision to remain behind with Rylee at Starbucks. It was evident of her maturity as a mom and although I would have taken Rylee to the site it probably wouldn't have been a good idea. When we drove past it she cried out, "ooohhh, look at all the pretty tents! I wanna go there!" While my sis and I walked the perimeter of Occupy L.A. I heard a voice from within a tent call out "Whose team are you on?!" My sister said she would have replied, "TEAM EDWARD!" LOL! I wasn't able to meet or speak to anyone but overall the atmosphere was somewhat orderly. We witnessed one African-American male being escorted by police with his hysterical girlfriend running after them. It was at this point that it finally dawned on my sister that if a riot ensued we could be inadvertently arrested. That was my cue to exit Occupy L.A. It is one thing to be involved but something entirely different if I jeopardize my sister's welfare. 

We ended our adventure at The Chado Tea Room and I highly recommend this place. The Brendan's Chai tea was like liquid comfort pooling in my belly and the food was delicious and not too pricey. It was the perfect ending to a fun-filled Sunday that was not marred by rain or bad mojo.