Monday, October 31, 2011


I had another surreal moment tonight when my role as a grandma superimposed itself against the mother role. The sensation is similar to what I would imagine an out-of-body experience is like. I have patiently waited for Rylee's Halloween as a three-year-old because I believe it's the age when a child fully comprehends trick-or-treating for the first time while enjoying it with pure innocence. After a long and excruciating Monday at work and an even more excruciating commute home I had absolutely no desire to walk around the neighborhood. But I am no stranger to the hyper speed passage of time especially in regards to children so I bucked up and shut up. I couldn't miss my only granddaughter's first real Halloween. 

We had a mini photo shoot before she went out to collect her Halloween bounty and I tried to ask, then ordered, her to wear a jacket but she was adamant about not wearing one. Her bottom lip quivered and tears pooled in her eyes, "But I want to look beautiful in my costummmmmmmme!" Oh brother! She also insisted on wearing her pink plastic princess heels instead of tennis shoes but Chloe and I were exhausted from work and gave in. We're suckers, I know. 

It wasn't until we hit the neighborhood and walked up to the first house that I had my surreal moment. When she held my hand and followed me up the walkway I looked down at her and a memory of my children at her age trick-or-treating in the same neighborhood materialized in front of me. The familiar sting of nostalgia and melancholy pierced my gut while I shook my head in disbelief. How did I get here so darn fast? With my camera slung across my body I walked behind my daughter and granddaughter documenting their own memories of trick-or-treating. I wondered when these moments would cease being surreal and if my heart's age will ever catch up to my numbered one. 

Flying Fairy
Popcorn is her favorite!