Thursday, October 20, 2011


It’s been  a year since I began the tradition of writing a birthday blog for my kids, Ray, and Rylee. I started with Chloe’s 22nd birthday and my brain is incapable of wrapping itself around the fact that she has reached another milestone. At 23 I was a wife and mother of three rugrats under five-years-old. I've prayed with fervor that my children wouldn’t perpetuate my actions that my knees have worn out. I thank God every day that Chloe is Rylee’s mom and Rylee’s mom ONLY.

Dear Chloe,

In the past year I’ve watched you with bated breath, surprise, and admiration interspersed with a few twinges of disappointment. Watching you mothering Rylee is like watching a daily movie reel of my own triumphs and failures of parenting. It's like a daily reminder of what I could have, should have, would have, done! I can honestly say that I am proud to see you doing it better. I know that being a young single mom isn’t easy and the road you’ve chosen isn’t paved with gold. The rewards aren’t forthcoming and accolades aren’t doled out like ecstasy at a rave. As your Mom I always want to fix things but I also know you must Live and Learn. I don't expect you to walk the walk sans mistakes but I DO expect you to learn from them, move forward, and elevate yourself to the next level.

For your 23rd year I bestow these prayers on you. They are powerful and invaluable so they can't be squandered.

  • I pray that you will continue to do your best to be Rylee’s mommy. She loves you so much and you’re both blessed to have each other. 
  • I pray that you grow, mature, and rise above the broken pieces of your heart; for when those pieces are rebuilt a stronger one emerges with more resilience and wisdom.

  • I pray that you will always strive to excel in ALL your endeavors, challenging yourself to become a better version of yourself.

  • I pray that you will find the balance of being a responsible Mom with enjoying Life. I don’t expect you to play it safe all the time or not take risks. 
  • I pray that Fear has no hold on you and that it doesn’t asphyxiate the boldness of your dreams. It’s okay to take the unconventional path as long as you don’t get mired in complacency.

  • I pray that your mind will open to the truth of this world and that your eyes see clearly the lies you’ve been told. Freedom is not of this world.  
  • I pray that you don't lost your sense of humor during those moments of insanity, frustration, and hopelessness. 
  • I pray that you will see and listen to Rylee’s love, spirit, character, insecurities, voice, and tears with a discerning heart so that you will speak blessings over her and build her up. Protect and guide her always.
  • And lastly, I pray that yours and Rylee’s hearts will always align with the Father who knew and created you. If you seek Him always, your darkness will always have sunlight, the storms will eventually turn to tranquil waters, and despair will transform to hope. 


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