Saturday, September 24, 2011


Ray is always right and I HATE it. It chafes my sensibilities. And no, I did NOT lose a bet that prompted me to write this entry.  But I DID almost lose my sanity and a $2,000 lens if my "voice of reason" didn't penetrate my wall built of stubbornness and pride. I am posting this entry and divulging my idiocy to help those victimized by fraud.

Earlier this week I put my beloved Canon 85mm 1:2L lens for sale on Amazon. By the time I woke up the next morning I had received an e-mail, supposedly from Amazon, inquiring on the lens. The e-mail looked legit and I didn't question the validity of it because it came from "Amazon Marketplace". I wish I could blame my idiocy and lack of wisdom on the fatigue I experienced from having to take my dad into the emergency room that same morning but who am I fooling, really? This is the e-mail I received:

I responded to this "Rita Bean" in good faith telling her that my lens was in excellent condition and was barely used. Her response was this: 

And in a matter of a few hours I received the following two e-mails after I responded that I would not send the lens until payment was confirmed:

Nothing in these e-mails indicated that the transaction was bogus. When I received these e-mails I had already spent almost half a day in the emergency room waiting for my dad's test results. Desperation from selling my lens mingled with the frustration of healthcare that I was operating on minimal brain cells. But that is NO excuse. 
Ray called and texted me repeatedly with his concerns and warnings. True to form I was highly irritated and indignant with him and his lack of faith in my intelligence. "Look, I KNOW you know. But I'm just saying it doesn't sound right. Please be careful. Do NOT send the lens until you make sure!" He didn't see the rolling of my eyes and the exasperated tugging of my hair as he expressed his concerns and warnings on the phone. I told him that the e-mails looked legit and that I'd have to get my lens packaged by the end of the day to send to Nigeria. 

Okay, the word "Nigeria" should have rung alarm bells in my head so loudly it would have deafened me. But oh no. Noooooo. I couldn't get past my EGO! I was more offended that my own boyfriend didn't trust in my judgment. I was more focused on the fact that I hated a man telling me what to do so how dare he, Mr. Know-IT-ALL, harp on me so relentlessly knowing full well that I was dealing with my dad in the emergency room. And this--my headstrong, pigheaded, obstinate self-has always been my problem. I know, I'm working on it. But as I sat there in that miserable and freezing cold emergency room lobby in Kaiser Permanente I kept thinking about Ray's track record of being right. I sat there remembering how he  has ALWAYS told me that I tend to move forward so fast when I want things done that I don't stop to think about the ramifications. I sat there telling myself to stop being so stupid and listen to him. Ugh! He sent me the following text: 
"...please listen to me. I know u know everything. Please triple check. Nigeria is the country that most of the mail fraud originates. Can u at least call Amazon to get a verbal? Get Verbal. Sounds like a scam to me. Love you!"

So just to shut him up I called Amazon and then I really shut up! Here is what I learned:

  • Amazon does NOT deliver to Nigeria.
  • Amazon order #s do NOT begin with "7001".
  • Nannette IS a stubborn a$$ fool!
I promptly reported this incident to Amazon and never responded to the additional e-mails I received today from this "Rita Bean" who was requesting a tracking number because payment has been made. It sickens me to know that I was so desperate for the extra money that it overrode my common sense. Why did it have to take my boyfriend to knock me upside my head? I know most of you possess an abundance of common sense, street smarts, and functioning brain cells but I urge you not to emulate MY loss of intelligence. Beware, be careful, and be vigilant on the internet.

***To Ray, thank you for being my voice of reason and I...I...ap..apolo...apologize for being so stubborn. Yes, you DID save me from peril.***