Monday, July 18, 2011

Google+ and Me

I'm baaaaaaaackkkkk! But not quite and it's lovely. Ten months ago I pressed the delete and/or deactivate button on all social networking sites I got sucked into like a Dyson vacuum. As recent as a few days ago I ran into a friend who asked, "What the heck happened to you?! You dropped off the face of the earth!" I almost responded, "No, I just dropped off of Facebook."  (If you care to know why you can read it here, if not, move along...)

Since then I've had numerous people tell me I was making a big mistake and hurting my photography business by not having a Facebook fan page. Several times I've sat in front of my computer attempting to create one and couldn't stomach it. I know a business fan page is different from a personal FB account but I was incredibly leery of anything connected to Facebook. I suppose I approached it the way I do with all my relationships. Once I'm done I. Am. Done. There is no going back.

Then I heard about Google+ and I perked up. It was like meeting a potential date several months after you've extricated yourself out of a highly-dysfunctional relationship. I was intrigued by a recent article about Google+ and the appeal it might have for those who are looking to start over. (Raising my hand and pointing at me.) The CNN article called it a "social reboot" and you could read about it here

I already knew that I would use Google+ strictly for my photography business and last week I was finally invited by my friend. It didn't take that long for me to maneuver my way around it and I was relieved and ecstatic to see that it was made just for me! 

Why Google+ is the "cheese to my macaroni": 
  • I confess that I am a shameless compartmentalizer. I compartmentalize everything in my life, especially people. You will never see me mix crowds. One set of friends do not know another set of friends. So Google+ and its circle concept is brilliant! I have created several circles already. And the beauty of it is, when I want to share or post something it doesn't need to be disseminated to everyone and their mama. I have control over who sees what! (Have I also mentioned my insatiable need to control things? I'm working on it.)
  • There are NO annoying friend requests. I don't have to feel guilty for ignoring a friend request from a co-worker or family member. One difficult lesson I learned is accepting friend requests from co-workers past and present. Big no-no! I don't have to hear, "Hey, what's up?! How come you ignored my friend request?" Or, "Why did you delete/block me from Facebook? WHY?! Why?!" I also learned the hard way that being honest with people and telling them my reasons only created more drama, not to mention long-winded posts on my Facebook wall. It never bothered me when people deleted or blocked me from Facebook so it boggled my mind to know that I offended many when I did a full sweep of my friends list. Instead of friend requests, Google+ allows people to add me to their circles but I don't have to add them. And vice-versa. Can I get an amen?! 
  • Google+ IS a second chance at social networking but now I'm older and wiser with a bit more self-restraint. I have a business to promote and that's it. I'm not compelled to update my status every day or feel I have a platform to rant on. I know I didn't have to do that on Facebook, either, but I couldn't stop myself from doing so. Also, I don't have to be subjected to check-ins, game stats/invites,, hallelujah I have forgotten the other irritants of Facebook.
Does Google+ have any cons? I'm sure there are but for me I'm still in the euphoric stages of the relationship. I will let you know once the rose-tinted glasses come off.