Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax day & Mini Escape

Spilling coffee all over my work desk twice in less than a week meant I needed to "wake up and smell the coffee". (Yes, my coffee mug resembles a real camera lens. How apropos, no?) It had to take spilt coffee to wake me from my workaholic stupor and remind me to stand up, stretch, leave the office, get some Vitamin D, and inhale the sea breeze less than 2 miles away. When I started this new job in Newport Beach nine months ago I had solid intentions to enjoy the fact that I am situated less than 2 miles from the beach. I made promises to myself to take walk breaks and enjoy my surroundings, bask in the sun, lift my face to the wind, etc. Simple actions for a simple life, right? Yet, here I sit like an automaton programmed only to work the injectable queue approving/denying authorization requests 8 straight hours a day, 5 days a week. And I am always sick and stressed or stressed and sick about my work queue or my current financial situation or my family's health or my grandchild's or kids' well-being. See? And the list can go on longer than Charlie Sheen's rants. I ain't no spring chicken but doctors' visits should only be once a year, NOT 4 times in a month. I truly am my own worst enemy and have no one to blame for my weak immune system. No one. Who needs enemies when I've got the meanest and fiercest one of all? 

Today my taxes are due and this year I am one of the poor who owes the IRS. I will be the IRS's b*tch for the next couple of years. My neurotic worrywart self could add that to my always-growing, never-dwindling pile of stress that precariously balances over my angular shoulders but I decided to stop punishing myself, my mind, and my body. After I mailed my taxes off at the post office I made a slight detour to C'est Si Bon bakery in Newport Beach for a mini-escape of tuna on french baguette, chocolate croissant, and iced green tea. If you're cruising down PCH near Newport Beach may I recommend this bakery with to-die-for chocolate croissants. I swoon even as I write this because they are my biggest indulgence. I forced myself to stop thinking of my financial woes, my work queue, my family's health and well-being, and sat there ensconced in the corner of C'est Si Bon simply enjoying my food and solitude. I need to break the habit of eating lunch in the office and cultivate a healthy daily habit of enjoying my lunch outside, away from the 4 walls that suffocate me.

Let's see what tomorrow brings...
Tuna on french baguette, to-die-for chocolate croissant, and iced green tea from C'est Si Bon bakery at Newport Beach, CA