Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Japan, With Love

I posted this on my photography blog (click here) and decided not to neglect this one. Those closest to me know how deeply I am affected by global issues, events, and disasters. I tend to spread myself too thin fighting for causes that run my heart through the shredder. My boyfriend, Ray, witnesses the despair and frustration I feel when I cannot actively help those in need, stuck in an office while reminding myself to be grateful for my job. He's been the voice of reason encouraging me to focus on only one cause (which happens to be My Refuge House) as I tend to crumble from the weight of my overflowing plate. 

My heart was still grieving over Haiti when it broke again for the earthquake victims in New Zealand. I sat in my office, bawling, because I hadn't heard whether or not my friend's fiance was safe (he was). Not even a month later and I watched with dread as the rapacious tsunami greedily  consumed large territories of Japan. Imagine MY horror when I came into work the next day privy to the cavalier attitude of the people around me joking about the tsunami hitting Newport Beach. I was still reeling from the images of the devastation and know that Newport Beach isn't immune to natural disasters. It is times like those when I feel the most helpless, misunderstood, and alone. I know I am only one human being but whatever I CAN do, I WILL do. I may not be a superhero but a girl can dream, right?

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