Thursday, February 17, 2011

Family Comforts

It's been one of those weeks. You know, the kind that renders me immobile, not physically but mentally. There wasn't a specific event that contributed to my static mental state, I just felt that my brain was on autopilot. I consumed inordinate amounts of caffeine and chocolate to no avail. No spark. I was feeling healthy with my current vegetarian/pescatarian diet but still, I felt devoid of emotion. To keep my sanity I armed myself with the Word because even though I couldn't FEEL anything I knew that would sustain the peace and fill my mental chasm. On my way home from work my sister called to tell me that my granddaughter and our brother's five kids were over. The supercharged jolt that jarred my chest surprised me because for the first time this week I felt excited. For once this week I was not a programmed computer, I was a human being rife with emotions. I was welcomed by the sight of my youngest nephew and my heart liquefied into a syrupy mess. I'm teaching him how to speak. His first words will be, "Auntie Nette is my favorite auntie." 

Of course, when my granddaughter Rylee is surrounded by her aunts and uncles, her Gramma Nette is chopped liver. Almost non-existent. Her apathy is evident in this picture. 

It took me numerous takes, much cajoling and bribing, and weird contortions on the floor to get this image but they happily obliged when I promised they would get to eat the cake that Auntie Lu was baking. The unadulterated joy infecting their smiles electrocuted me. I couldn't take it. 

My nephew's little friend, BB, was just as hard to photograph as they were. But BB made me laugh and that was good! 

As my niece and I had a camera face-off I realized hers was way cuter. She took candid shots of me and that was a big no-no! There is a reason why I am always behind the camera and like a true photographer, she didn't delete the pictures she took of me. Thank God she's too young to have a Facebook.  

 See these faces? They still think I'm cool and funny! 

It is the comfort of family and the untainted innocence of children that resuscitate my mental demise. They infuse life and light where death and decay permeate my brain. Because of them I can face the rest of my week with an energy born from babes.