Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Grandma's legacy

I borrowed this idea from Kelle Hampton when I read her blog last week. Okay, I didn't "borrow" it. I straight up ganked her idea. If you don't know Kelle Hampton and haven't read her story please visit her blog: Enjoying The Small Things. To describe her as an amazing woman would be an injustice. She's the kind of woman I can only dream of being: a wonderful mom, a bad a$$ photographer, immensely creative, and radiantly beautiful inside and out. I haven't personally met her but my admiration for her is palpable. I thank my friend Lina for forwarding her blog to me last year.

Kelle posted a photo book she made for her youngest daughter's first birthday on one of her blog entries. When I saw the beautiful photo book she made for her daughter Nella, I was slammed with the memory of the scrapbook I bought for my granddaughter BEFORE she was born. I could see it in my mind, sitting forlornly on my book shelf, wearing a light jacket woven together with three years' of dust. Gross.

Knowing my limitations and time constraints I decided to chuck the scrapbook idea and created a Shutterfly photo book for Rylee's birthday. I sorted through my Rylee archive from 2008-2010 and laughed at the evolution of my photography. I resurrected my dream of becoming a professional photographer the year I discovered I was going to be a grandma. Thus, the evolution of my photography will always be paralleled to Rylee's growth. My photo book for her isn't as creative or stunning as Kelle's since I only had 2 days to bust a move. I doubt Rylee would mind and hope she knows that her grandma's love is splattered on every page.

And so continues my legacy...