Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life without my iPhone-Day 2

Yes, I have no phone. Not even the brilliant employees at the Apple store Genius Bar had the power to resurrect my phone. I think my swollen eyes and tear-stained face scared them enough to do their best to run diagnostics and whatever else they do. It wouldn't even turn on for them. No pulse, no heartbeat, no life. With reluctance and trepidation the poor guy at the Apple store delivered the dreaded news. I can turn it in and pay big bucks to get it fixed or buy a new phone. I think my bottom lip started quivering and quickly bit it to stop myself from shouting, "Do you know what kind of night and day I've had?! You're just like every guy out there! Can't deliver for sh*t!"  Ummm, I don't think that psycho outburst would have fixed my iPhone. Either way, I don't have the funds to buy a new iPhone at the moment. Call me crazy, call me spoiled, call me insane or call me what my friend Jessica called me, "dramatic", but I would rather do life without a phone if I can't buy a new iPhone. 

Now I embark on a new adventure--life without a phone. My friend Lina called it "unplugged from all distractions" and she's right. A secret part of me, the part I squelch because I don't like the secrets it harbors, admits that it's almost nice not to receive texts, deal with crappy reception, and dropped calls. I'm almost relieved that I'm not easily accessible. I almost want to retreat from the entire world for a while as I am pulled in so many directions. Conversely, as I spent quality time with my daughter this weekend I lamented my broken phone because I couldn't use my camera to document our time together. I had to hear through the grapevine that my sister ran into Channing Tatum and he smiled at her! I couldn't text my friend Lina that I was on my way to San Diego and couldn't make the event we planned on attending together. There was no way to reach my granddaughter to hear her high-pitched voice and cheer me up.

My distorted vision resembles the picture above. Ironically, I uploaded it days before my phone broke. I can only communicate via e-mail and I lug my computer everywhere searching for a strong wi-fi spot. Pathetic. How did people survive before phones were invented? I suppose I will soon find out.