Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Eye Has Seen

The month of March usually heralds the approach of my impending birthday but this year I was able to practice my shutter-clicking skills to my heart's delight. Yes, I haven’t ditched my dream of being a pro photographer when I grow up and I’m determined to see it come to fruition.
I am a firm believer that life is fleeting and encapsulating those moments is the passion behind my photography. I strive to convey what my eye has seen hoping to invoke confidence and pleasure in my subjects.

One of my “bffs”, Jillie, asked me to photograph her with Sammy, a Labrador mix dying of cancer. Jill has devoted her life to the rescue and training of dogs. It is due to Jill’s crazy love for dogs that finally helped me overcome my fear of canines over eleven years ago. Prior to Jill, I cried and screamed in terror at the sight of a Chihuahua. (I wish I were joking.)
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My next photo opportunity was Jaeboy and his exceptional talent with light and fire sticks. When my close friend, Juli, asked me to photograph her son I was excited and apprehensive because I’ve never shot picture
s in the dark or with fire. I would soon learn to figure out what aperture and shutter speeds would or wouldn’t work. (My deepest gratitude to Ray, John Loyola, and Ron Sinoy for your advice and constructive criticism on this particular project.)
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I was ecstatic when Heidi asked me to photograph her headshots because I had every intention of tangibly showing her the evidence of her beauty. It’s not difficult for women to deconstruct ourselves to an insignificant mess when we look in the mirror and pick out the parts we believe need improvement. I’ve made it my mission to be my girlfriends’ cheerleader and uplift them with the truth of their beauty. For Heidi’s photos, I wanted to capture the nuances of her womanhood and to show her that true beauty emanates from within, and nothing but loving oneself dictates a woman's worth.

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